Articles from: July 2016

Sports and Technology

Sports are things that have been around since the ancient civilizations. People always have the need for game and entertainment, something that sports were able to provide them before the rise of technology. In fact, the Olympics started in Ancient Greece and already, it had sports like javelin toss, shot put, and long jump. Throughout the centuries, sports have evolved tremendously, and these evolution have provided amusement and entertainment for people of all ages.

With the emergence of computers, the Internet and other modern technology, the enjoyment of sports has changed rapidly over the last few decades, with things such as live tweeting, live scores, and real time updates. These kinds of features enhance our enjoyment of sports and help shape a community of sports fans from all across the world.

Sports sites are nothing new, existing since the dawn of the Internet, but they have changed and included many features over the years. One of these is the live scores feature. While games are ongoing, these sites provide a page, which displays the current scores of each team, keeping sports fans updated on whether their team is winning or losing. As this is regularly updated, it is a useful tool for sports fans who can’t see the game live and would like to know if their team is winning.

These sites also feature real time updates – articles and quick news about each team and other things pertinent to the game. It also features play-by-plays of things like special moves, changing players, and other things going on during the game. After all, it is not just all about scores. Anything interesting and notable, which happens during the game is featured in the real time updates section.

We have seen the sports community grow over the past years. With the rise of Twitter, sports fans have found more ways to interact and commentate on games beyond the usual verbal interaction. Live tweeting is a common thing, not only in sports, but also in awards, TV shows and even movies. However, the sports community is well-known because of the unexpected action and excitement that sports brings them. Since sports actually happen live and in real time (unlike movies and shows that are filmed and edited beforehand), anything can happen during a game, and sports fans want to make sure they are the first ones to witness it and share it to their friends.

Beyond updating the world on the ongoing games, sports websites also deliver news and other features related to sports, such as upcoming games, interviews with players, coaches and fans, and in-depth commentary on various sports and games around the world. They also feature articles by sports professionals providing insight on these games and sports.

We’ve also seen social networks and mobile companies getting in on the action, with Facebook integrating new sports-related features and developers creating new apps designed to enhance sports fans’ enjoyment of their games. These apps help fans monitor games, look at player statistics and keep them updated in the world of sports.

Often, users can also customize these apps, making them capable of picking which sports to receive news on, and selecting the specific teams and players whom they like to customize their feed, so they can immediately see the pertinent news and all things are relevant to them.

We have also seen a rise in the number of sports blogs that have been created, with its authors and users weighing in on the discussion. These feature posts, articles, features and even photos and videos of the authors’ experience with sports. For instance, there could be articles about watching games live, their experience with it, maybe interviews with the players themselves. This allows fans a look into the sports world from an insider’s perspective, while also getting a feel of the experience when watching games live. Sports fans take pride in their blogs, helping them stay relevant, easily findable and on top of the game.

Technology has allowed sports fans to experience the game in different and enjoyable ways. With new and advanced technology coming up, such as virtual reality, it’s no longer surprising if sports continues to evolve, but in the meantime, we can enjoy all that sports and technology can offer today.