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The Magic of Sports: Then and Now (At the Age of the Search Engines)

It has grown, persistently and patiently, through time and through space, moved by a mystifying and powerful magic that has long been in existence – as early as the competitions of ancient divinities of Greece (Hermes, Heracles, Nike, Agon, to name a few) – and has now overwhelmed the entire world in this digital age.  Have you ever wondered what moves it so, that it has had the ability to take control over and sway the minds and hearts of its patrons and spectators?

Why do we come, tens of thousands in attendance, to watch boxing matches?  Why do we, by the millions, watch football at home?  Why do we spend money just to see swimmers race against each other? How can sports do that? To answer this question, we need to understand the nature of sports.

Sports involves a competition or contest between two or more opposing parties, for the sake of determining a better contender, usually on physical events or some identified task, where a winner is usually declared by some pre-determined criteria.  In a simpler description, sports involves contenders playing a common game with the objective of winning.

All these elements give form and substance to the spirit, and magic, of sports – competition.

This is the spirit that moves us to assimilate ourselves into the game.  This is the impetus, which influences us common people to join, take part, to don our running gear and run, to pick up the basketball and shoot some hoops, and even to stay by the sidelines to watch, cheer and jeer at teams and players.  The spirit of competition makes us want to get involved, support and win.  Why is this so?  Why has sports – definitely a subject beyond the everyday mundane lives of many of us – captured our attention, our beings, and kept us attached to it?

It is because it is natural.  It is natural for us to want to win.  Firstly, the law of survival – that the fittest shall live and the weak shall perish – holds true in almost everything.  It is not a harsh perspective on how life and existence runs in this corporeal world, but rather, it is simply a statement that the better person or party or group, in anything, shall beat the other people, parties or groups in that same thing.

Secondly, by nature, we associate ourselves with each other.  This is why we support athletes and teams.  We look for something in them to associate ourselves with (such as nationality, style, preference, etc.), and, if we find anything, we do extend our biases and judgments in their favor, with or without regard for rational decision-making.

Lastly, and most uniquely, we free our minds through sports.  We are intellectual beings, endowed with developed brains that help us exist, mechanically, physiologically, and physically, in this world.  However, this same brain also permits us to find that unexplainable freedom – that pure bliss.  Sports, especially in times of winning, give us euphoria, whether we are contenders or mere spectators.  In the shortest of moments, as quick as a second’s time, we experience what it is to become fulfilled beings.  All these because of sports.

How Search Engines Promote Sports?

The spirit of competition has thrived past generations of humanity, up to this day and age of machines and Artificial Intelligence. It still gets people to join, watch, search for or read about sports and their teams.  It has learned how to use this technology, causing this boom in the sporting phenomenon to be all the more noticeable and widespread.

How Search Engines Promote Sports

It started with newspapers, then the radio then television, and now the Internet.  The Internet, in fact, has changed the way sporting bodies bring their sports to the people. They stream live, tweet in real time, share videos, publish news as soon as matches are over, and make all these information easily available through internet.

One simply has to follow three steps to get the sports information, news and update that he or she needs: (1) Go to the search engine; (2) Type the keywords; and (3) Hit Find.  The public knows little about how the process goes, but a lot of the heavy work is done behind the scenes by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies to make the desired content available.

It is important to have advanced technology and customized service strategies as used by most of the seo experts like SEOExplode for effective and efficient information dissemination.  They give sporting bodies a wide array of options that will best suit their publishing needs.  They are highly capable of bridging the gap between the supply and demand sides for sports information, and of doing so much more.  Companies like SEOExplode can easily do what they mentioned on their site “If you are looking to capture leads or even convert your website visitors to sales we can help you.  We do not only provide SEO services, we also provide e-business consulting and assistance with web design so that you can make the most of your traffic and website.”

Summing it up

Without a doubt, the spirit of sports knows how to survive.  In this age when search engines are utilized, choosing the right SEO company, the right services and the right marketing strategy, can very well be all that sporting bodies need to reach people across the internet universe effectively.  With its magic working in perfect harmony with technology, sports is sure to continue to captivate us all.