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A Beginner’s Guide To Excellent Quality PCB Fabrication

A PCB fabrication starts with the need to create a specific printed circuit board functionality. This need comes from you, our customer. When this purpose is established, designing the board and its manufacturing process becomes easier. However, before a design becomes feasible for production, our engineers perform many revisions and consider many factors.

The Budget Factor

One of the driving force in the creation of good PCB is the cost of manufacturing. Most of the times, the cost also determines whether the PCB will fail or not. Why? In the manufacturing of printed circuit boards, the more layers you require the higher is the cost. The quality of the components, the type of the substrates, and the mounting technology add up to the cost of producing the printed circuit board.

Thus, when it comes to the design process, we take note all of these factors while maintaining good functionality of the PCB. The cost factor should not be the reason for sacrificing the overall quality of the board.

The Design Documentation

In the design process, the engineers prepare proper documentations to avoid misrepresentation and misinterpretation. These documents become the guidelines during manufacturing. Aside from serving as guidelines, these documents are evaluation tools when defects are discovered in the testing stage. A good practice of design documentation is recording the exact stage where the defects resurface. These defects are used to rectify the design. This practice prevents the next batch of the PCB in containing the defects discovered in the previous batch.

PCB Fabrication

In PCB fabrication, our engineers prepare several documents essential in the manufacturing of the PCB. These are the bill of materials, detailed schematic, layout a profile, assembly drawings, Gerber files, file on component placement and dimensional sketches.

These documents provided by pcbnet, contain instructions on the PCB assembly, the components and raw materials used.

Good Practices

Proper management on all aspects of the fabrication and assembly contributes to the quality of the final product. In our company we make sure we follow all regulations and government requirements in our fabrication and assembly processes. These regulations include proper labeling and handling of chemicals. We require all of our personnel to use gloves that have anti-static properties. We also request them to avoid using lotions and other creams during assembly since the oils in these beauty products may affect the performance of the assembled PCB.

Before the assembly team enters the assembly area, they undergo a cleaning process to strip the body oils and beauty products they have used prior to the work hours. Alternatively, we make them wear anti-ESD clothes or jumpsuit.

The Testing Stage

This stage is important to detect whether the PCBs are functional. Before we proceed to the packaging of your orders, we repair any defects we find. Do not worry since these PCBs, despite being repaired, are still in excellent quality. In case, the PCBs are not in working condition, we replace them with new ones. After the testing stage, we remove the unnecessary materials in your PCBs. We remove moisture by baking the PCBs to a certain temperature and immediately forward the items to the packaging department.

PCB Fabrications

The Packaging Materials

Delivery and transportation creates vibration and brings shock to the sensitive PCB. Thus, we mandate our assembly and fabrication team to never stack the PCB on top of the other PCBs. A good practice is to use a stacking cabinet if the items are not to be transported and delivered immediately. We also use bubble plastic and anti-static packaging to ensure that the PCBs are in good condition when the products reach your establishment. Aside from these, we place moisture indicator in the packaging as warning. You may also find a simple instruction on how to handle the PCBs upon receiving, how to report any defects and the necessary documents to return the product to us.

To put it simply, our PCB fabrication methods are excellent in quality. We perform the processes in accordance with the quality standards. In cases that the PCBs are not working once you receive them, you can return them to us. However, we require a complete description of the defects you found so we can change the design schematics. These changes will reflect on the next batch you order from us. In some cases, we may even give you discounts on the cost.

PCB fabrication requires good practices, good quality raw materials, and high quality process management to create excellent quality of PCBs. With our years of experience, we have mastered all of these.

The Amazing Benefits That Comes With Selling Jewelry For Cash Today

There is bound to be something that is made of precious metal in your home. Whether it’s gold or silver, you may have a few things that you aren’t going to be using anymore. If you aren’t going to use them, wear them, or give them away, why not sell? In fact, you could sell your items today and get top dollar. That’s something that escapes some because there are some people that have been scammed by companies in the past. Today, your best bet is to go with a good pawn solution such as cash4jewelrynow. This is an option that give you a tremendous amount of benefits, not just money in hand. If you are really looking for an opportunity, you will no doubt want to look into the benefits that come with selling to the right company today.


Fast Cash

The very first thing that you are going to find about cash4jewelrynow, is that you can get money fast. You just need to send your items away, and you could get a quote swiftly. Gold, silver, platinum, and more could help you gain the upper hand with cash that is more than you would get from other resources. If you look at other options, such as a mall or a jewelry store, you will find that the costs are going to favor them. They have overhead, salaries, and so much more to work with, that you may not get what you need. Instead, they are going to give you a fraction of what the items you have are worth.

When you go with a trusted partner, however, you’ll find that you can get a far better price. Some individuals may even get more than what they paid for, because precious metals are in such high demand. Fast cash is the best benefit that you can pull from this, that’s for sure.

No Credit Check For Money

Some people fear selling their wares because they feel as though they are going to have to have their credit checked. When you get a loan or you try to buy something on credit, you are going to have to get a check on your credit. This can be somewhat problematic, because it could hinder your abilities to get financing and more. If you are not a fan of getting your credit checked, or you have bad credit, then you don’t have to worry about cash4jewelrynow. With this solution, you can get a good deal of cash, or even a loan without having to get a check.

Pawn Shop

Without a credit check, you’re going to get money in hand, faster than with other solutions. This is something that is just a grand option to pursue. It’s a positive solution that is going to help you gain the upper hand in what you need. No credit check is a great thing, and makes it beneficial to try and sell your cash for money today

No Hassle Estimates

Let’s say that you’re not sure what your precious metals are valued at. That’s ok, you can get an estimate and offer, and decide whether you want to sell or not. There’s no pressure and no middle man that you have to negotiate with. You simply send your items and then wait for the quote. That’s it. If you like the quote you can sell or get a loan, and that’s it. If you don’t like it, or just don’t want to sell, you don’t’ have to. You can walk away and end up with a positive push forward for your items. You’ll find that there’s something grand about that. Test it out once, and see why pawn solutions work better than other options for selling jewelry.


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